Monthly & Annual Dues

USA Swimming + Team annual fees, Season fees and family discount details below chart.
GroupMonthly FeeMeet FeesAnnual Fee*Season
Guppies$84$2.50-$5/race$112See details below chart
Sealions$84$2.50-$5/race$112See details below chart
Gators$84$2.50-$5/race$112See details below chart
Tigersharks$120$2.50-$5/race$112Year-round. See details below chart

*Annual Registration: $112 = USA Swimming registration: $72 + Nitros registration: $40. Billed once every 12 months.

Guppies/Sealions/Gators Seasons:
Season 1: 8/29 – 12/17 (16 wks)
Season 2: 12/28 – 3/1 (9 wks)
Season 3: 3/21 – 7/20 (17 wks)

Tigersharks Seasons: Year-round
Fall: 8/29 – 11/12
SC: 11/14 – 2/25
LC: 3/27 – 7/22
Spring Camp: Dates TBA $105. $40 team fee waived if this is swimmer’s only team event. Exempt from $72 USA Swimming registration.

Family Discounts
Discounts available for families with multiple swimmers. The discount will be applied to season tuition for the lowest swimmer fee. Discounts available for immediate family members.
2nd swimmer 10% off monthly tuition
3rd swimmer 15% off monthly tuition
4th+ swimmers 20% off monthly tuition

Invoices are emailed around the 15th of each month, with remittance due by the end of the month. This billing cycle and payment schedule will cover the NEXT month of swimming (pay before swim). All payment arrangements and contracts must be signed by parents and approved by the board prior to the start of the season. Accounts that are not paid by the first day of the month will be charged a $5 late fee.