1. How do we join the Newton Nitros?
Go to the Join Us page of the website.

2. What age swimmers can be on the team?
We currently have swimmers from 4-22 years old. Participation depends on the swimmer’s level of skill and maturity. Consider our Test the Waters offer.

3. How well does a child need to swim to be on the team?
A good starting point is for a swimmer to be comfortable in the pool without an adult in the water and to keep their head above water. Swimmers will be assigned a practice group based on their ability level. Every group is closely monitored by our coaching staff.

4. How often and where are practices held?
Practice frequency and duration depends on the skill level and age of a swimmer. Beginning level is 2-3 days a week.
Practice is held at the NHS indoor pool during the school year; the outdoor Newton Municipal Pool in the summer; and on occasion, the indoor NRC Pool for younger swimmers. Other area pools may be used as circumstances arise.

5. Where is the practice schedule posted? How are schedule changes handled?
View the practice and swim meet schedules. Practice changes/cancellations are posted on the homepage. Parents and swimmers can also be notified via email or text message.

6. Where is the indoor pool at Newton High School?
The pool is east of the volleyball/basketball gym. Enter in the west door of NHS, walk past the lockers, then immediate left and down the stairs through the lunchroom/commons. Enter the gym doors, then turn left and walk down the hall. Most days, this door is available for entry. Go down the stairs, across the basketball court baseline and straight down the hall.

7. Do we need specific suits or equipment?
Swimmers can wear any one piece suit they choose. Team suits are available (and are optional) through our Apparel/Equipment Chairperson.

Every swimmer will need a pair of quality goggles, available at sporting goods stores or swim shops. It’s also a good idea to have an extra pair on hand.

Swim caps are needed for competition and in some cases, practice. Team caps are available through our Apparel/Equipment Chair, or sporting goods stores and swim shops.

Other equipment will be used in practice as the swimmer advances. The coaches will let each practice group know what is needed and why. Everything should be ordered through our Apparel/Equipment Chair.

8. How much does the program cost? Read here…

9. Must a swimmer compete in meets?
Every swimmer is expected to attend swim meets and that requirement is determined by their group. The coaching staff will enter swimmers in appropriate meets and events based on their assessment of the swimmers ability.

10. Who do I contact with questions?

Reach Coach Bailey or any board member.